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High Above KL: A Rainy Day Adventure

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Many things went wrong today, but there were enough awesome things sandwiched between that it sort of evened out. Last night we were advised by a woman at our hostel to get to the Petronas Towers as early as possible or we might not get tickets. So we set our alarm for 7:00am and were out the door by 7:20. To our surprise, there were over 100 people in line in head of us (we got ticket number 144), but we still managed to go up the to the sky bridge at the 40th floor before noon, so it all worked out.

Before getting to go up to the bridge, we waited in a little exhibition room which explained a bunch of technical details about the tower. One particular exhibit explained how the towers are frequently struck by lightening, so they have a system in place to control the electricity and protect the building. Considering the storm from yesterday, it seems like a good safety mechanism to have. Then we had to watch an extraordinarily cheesy 3D corporate video explain just how AWESOME the Petronas oil company is, then shuffled through an intense round of security screenings before cramming onto an elevator like sardines.

It was worth it, though, because the views from the bridge are incredible.

For those of you who don't know what the Petronas Towers are, it's these monsterous things:

We were on the bridge between the two. Josh is afraid of heights, but I had a blast. Our feelings on the matter are obvious in our respective pictures.

We then decided to do the "hop-on hop-off" tour bus around the city. It took us a good hour to find the right bus stop, but we finally managed to get to it just as a bus was taking off. We had to wait a half an hour for the next one, but after all that hassle and waiting we were greeted by a nice air conditioned bus complete with English audio guide. Awesome.

On the spur of the moment we decided to get off at the Aquarium. We really had no plan to see it, but Josh loves fish and we had nothing better to do, so off we went! While the fish and other creatures were cool, one of the biggest "oopsies" of the day took place within the confines of the aquarium.

Here is the last picture I took before things blew up.


Oh yes, a lovely little fish pond down below. How serene and beautiful. It was then Josh asked "can I see the camera?" I handed it to him, but it was still tied around my wrist in an attempt to prevent it from falling. I untangled it from my wrist just as he let it go, realizing he couldn't get a firm grip on it and... CRASH! The camera hit the ground. He blames me. I blame him. He still blames me and I still blame him.

The camera sprung open and a battery went careening into that lovely little fish pond. A nearby security guard came over to investigate, but he looked just as perplexed about the situation as we were. We shrugged and asked, "what should we do?" He just stared at us blankly and returned our shrugging gesture, so we just sort of wandered away, broken camera in hand.

The camera was in the middle of turning on as it fell, so the lens was stuck in a half opened, half closed state. I was worried for a while, but when I replaced the batteries it seemed to fix itself. Thank goodness something went right!

We got back on the bus and decided our next stop should be the Bird Park. Ah yes, a lovely green outdoor park filled with beautiful exotic birds from around the world. It was then that the clouds started to roll in again.


And thunder. And lightening. And flooding.

Yeah, no birds for us. When we got to the designated stop it was pouring. The stop was flooded and there was a crowd of desperate people waiting to get on the bus.

Two stops and ten minutes later the rain had stopped. Of course! It was too far to walk though and by the time the bus looped back around we'd only have a few minutes to enjoy the park, so we decided to just make different plans. To the KL Tower for a different birds eye view of KL!

The KL Tower was actually pretty cool. We got to watch a cultural performance in the little village in the shadow of the tower, which was well worth the ticket price on its own.


The village was fun to walk around in too.

Then we headed up to the top of the KL Tower to once more trigger Josh's fear of heights.

At this point we wanted to head back down into the city for dinner. You know that hop-on hop off bus that had helped us throughout the day? Yeah, the one we got on broke down so we had to walk. Today was exciting to say the least!

We ended up having a decent dinner near the Patronas Towers. I was craving western food at this point so I ordered spaghetti with lamb cutlets, which was only about $3.50 USD! The prices here are almost as good as Thailand, but nothing can beat a $6 massage so Thailand wins that game hands down. Of course, running with the theme that "everything that can go wrong will go wrong today," I overate due to my excitement about a delicious and cheap meal. And of course the LRT train that we were on had to wait several minutes at every stop while I suffered in agony with a bloated stomach. My fault, I know, but it just adds insult to injury.

So here we are back at the hostel firmly deciding we are doing nothing more for the day. Enough bad stuff has happened at this point sleep seems like the best option.

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Video! Cool! Please post more with you guys in it, maybe doing the cheesy travel channel narration....
Hope your next day is more fun.

by Dudegruvy

Unfortunately that type of video is all we can do for two reasons: 1, it's our photo cam doing video so can't get good quality sound or video, and 2, it's bad form to do the travel channely stuff unless you are actually making a show. Still, we will hopefully do more video.


by slugtrek

Aren't those awesome twin towers?

by Dan01

Indeed they are.

by slugtrek

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