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Hello Singapore. Goodbye Singapore.

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We spent the stormy evening in Melaka doing what many young travelers staying in hostels tend to do; get drunk with people from around the world. We met a cool Dutch dude (left), British girl (middle), and Aussie guy (right) who were also seeking shelter from the storm in the common room.

Sorry about the blurry picture, but it's the only one we have of all three of them.

They had shared a bottle of vodka the first night, but Josh and I joined them this night. We ended up going through two bottles of vodka (one of them pictured below). To put that in perspective, I had about two shots, so the rest of it was divided up between the other four happy travelers. Let me just say that Americans can't hold a candle to the alcohol tolerance of Europeans and Australians. I don't know if it's the fact that our drinking age is higher or what, but long after Josh and I had hit our limits the other three were still chugging away.


Now that I've adequately frightened all the parental units reading this blog, I'm going to post this adorable picture taken the same night. This little girl is the daughter of the hostel owners. She's about two and a half and speaks four languages (English, Chinese (not sure what dialect), Bahasa Malay, and French). She's not completely fluent in any of them yet because, well, she's only two, but she would try talking to us in one language and when we didn't understand she'd fish around until she hit a word we knew. It was adorable.


She really wanted to play cards with us, but clearly Kings Cup is a bit too mature for her. While our other hostel friends were out taking smoke breaks her and I would play our own game. She's hand me a card, I'd put it under the table, and we'd both put our hands in the air and gasp. Magic! Where did the card go?!

We'd also bounce around an incredibly lop-sided rubber ball. Every time she'd successfully throw it (aiming wasn't her goal, just chuck it somewhere) she'd shout "yaaaaaay" and then put her finger to her lips and go "ssshhhh" and then go "yaaaaayyy" again. I don't think she gets the meaning of "sshhh" but, again, she's two. Cutest kid ever!

This morning Josh and I slept in quite late, but still managed to catch an early afternoon bus to Singapore. Getting across the Singapore border was kind of ridiculous. We had to disembark the bus on the Malaysian side of the water, hand in our exit paperwork, get our exit stamp, get back on the bus, cross the water, get off the bus again, hand in our entry paper work, get our entry stamp, go through customs, and then get back on the bus. It makes getting into the US look easy! Despite all the shuffling around, it was still a rather painless process.

Once more we got lost trying to find our hostel, but when we did we were greeted with the most spectacular view of Singapore we could possibly imagine.


We are on the very top floor of a 25 story building on the southwest side of the island near the port and the main train station. It's basically the penthouse of the apartment building turned into a hostel. I think this is where rich Singaporeans typically live, but instead here we are, two weary achy travelers taking a break before we head onto Bintan, Indonesia.

As I've been warning you about, we won't have any electricity in Bintan. We won't even have running water. So this will be our last post for a few days. We'll try to check the blog and email before we head out in the morning (your evening), so if you want to contact us do it now. It'll be a while.

Post posting edit: Oh, I forgot to mention that Josh and I had our first Singapore food hawker market experience today quite by accident. As we were wondering around trying to find the right bus stop to get to the hostel we walked into an open air mall. We passed several food stalls and, well, we couldn't resist it!

The old woman behind the counter seemed frustrated at first, but once she realized we'd eat anything (I specified, "I'll eat anything that won't burn my face off") she clapped her hands together and started scooping random food onto our plates. It was delicious! I think she was really excited to give a couple of tourists their first introduction to famous Singaporean hawker market food. We were pretty excited too. Can't wait to swing back by Singapore in a few days and go to some of the more famous markets, like Maxwell Street.

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Wow! This is just amazing. I am so proud of you and envious of your travel savvy! Dont worry about the drinking of the vodka. Your a big girl and a smart one and I am sure you know your limits as you expressed. The pictures are beautiful! Look forward to your next exciting post dear!!

by johrli3

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