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26 Days To Go

Yes, we're counting.


It's only 26 days until we take off and we have most of our trip is planned out pretty well. There are portions that we can't book in advance due to the fact that the transportation we are using and some of the hotels/hostels simply don't have an online reservation system, but that's fine. We'll figure it out.

Here's the itinerary!

January 26th 12:05am (yep, just after midnight): Take off from SFO.
January 27th After changing planes in Taiwan, we'll arrive in Bangkok around 11:35am local time.
January 27th- 31st Bangkok! We'll do a day trip to Ko Kret somewhere in here.
February 1st and 2nd Ayutthaya. Temple ruins, jungle, and elephants galore.
February 3rd Bangkok maybe, or another day in Ayutthaya. Whatever. We'll figure it out.
February 4th Off to Malaysia! We'll be taking a plane from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur.
February 5th & 6th Kuala Lumpur and stuff.
February 7th At this point we'll make our way to a Jungle Train entrance point. Probably Gua Musang, but we'll see.
February 8th The Jungle Train! AKA: the thing I'm looking forward to the most.
February 9th & 10th Off to Bintan, Indonesia for a two day break at the Shady Shack. Beach time!
February 11th- 15th Singapore to bring in the Chinese New Year!
February 15th Possible detour in Taipei during our half day layover.

I just want to make a note about Shady Shack in Indonesia. We made our reservation there by text message. Yes, text message. It was bizarre, but the guy (Lobo, I think) responded quickly. It's really going to be an adventure. The pictures I've seen of Bintan look incredible and I've heard amazing things about Trikora Beach. This is our trade off for not being able to visit an island in Thailand. We just simply don't have the time to do it in Thailand, but with Bintan's close proximity to Singapore it fits in rather nicely. And we'll also probably get an Indonesian stamp on our passport. Sure, we'll only be there for two days, but hey, it's a stamp! Gotta fill up those pages!

If you want flight numbers, hotel names, and stuff like that just email me or Josh and we'll give it to you.

Our next post will (probably) be from Thailand!

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Itinerary updates.

Less than three months!


Here's our current itinerary. We've changed some things. Our original plan was to fly from Bangkok to Singapore before exploring Malaysia, but it dawned on us we can save a day of travel if we just fly into Kuala Lumpur instead. It wasn't that much more expensive than a plane to Singapore. Besides, we get to skip a long day on a train that costs twice as much as trains bought in Malaysia.


Our flight is Malaysia Airlines Flight 785 that'll depart on February 4th from Bangkok at 11:05am and arrive in Kuala Lumpur at 2:15 pm.

We also booked our hostel in Bangkok. We'll be staying at the Asha Guesthouse, which is a little bit far from the main tourist attractions, but near public transportation. It's cheap, has great reviews, an English speaking staff, and it's near the Chatanchuk Weekend Market, which is one of the biggest and most famous markets in Bangkok.

Only a little less than three months to go!

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Southeast Asia: The Plan

The tickets have been bought.


Well, the tickets have been bought. Josh and I are going to Thailand (and Malaysia and Singapore). We booked our flight with China Airlines. We'll depart from SFO on January 26th at 12:05am (yeah, midnight) and return on February 15th. If you want our exact flight numbers and stuff to track us or whatever just ask. We haven't booked any hostels yet, but we'll start that soon.

As we did with our Europe trip, we (mostly me, Stephanie), will update this blog a few times as we plan, as many times as possible from the road, and possibly once or twice afterward. Subscribe! You can receive an email notification every time we update. Our updates from the road may be more spread out on this trip due to the undeveloped nature of some of the regions we may visit, but we'll do our best.

The itinerary is in the very early planning stages. But you can view my map to follow it as I make changes. When we get things nailed down and start booking things, will put up the completed and detailed itinerary.

Right now this is a rough idea of what we want to do. In Thailand we are going to spend a few days in Bangkok with a day trip to Ko Kret. We also want to go further inland to the ancient city of Ayutthaya and Lopburi, which is famous for it's roaming monkeys.

We plan on flying down to Singapore after that. We are considering a day trip (or an over night stay) on the nearby island Bintan, which just happens to be in another country (Indonesia). It sounds like an interesting place, but it is a tad out of the way. We also want to take a bus up to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. To get back to Singapore for our flight home we want to take the famous Jungle Train, which, I admit, is probably the thing I'm looking forward to most on the whole trip. When stations are described as "platform[s] in the middle of the jungle," how can I not want to go there?

We should return to Singapore in time for the Chinese New Year, which is apparently pretty neat there. Right after we celebrate the near year we'll hop on a flight home. If we are not completely dead at that point we'll spend our 8 hour layover in Taipei, Taiwan. We'll probably only have time to see Taipei 101 and maybe grab a lunch, but hey, this would mean we'll have seen the two tallest (completed) buildings in the world in one trip (the other being the Petronas Towers in KL).

This is all wide open right now though and if somebody has suggestions before I start booking the rest of it, please chime in! In the meantime, subscribe! We only leave in three months.

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